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            PTO Nomination Form

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            School Governnace minutes 9-18-17

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            Greetings HMTCA Parents/Guardians,

            We are in the midst of planning for a new and exciting school year and we need parent/family support! We are looking forward to a year full of quality informative sessions, fun family activities and productive fund raising.

            Each year we are required to hold an election for School Governance Council Members and¬ PTO officers. We are currently seeking PTO officers for the 2018-2019 school year and two parents for our School Governance Council.

            If you are interested in serving as a PTO officer or School Governance Council member please complete the attached self nomination form and email your completed form¬ to¬¬ or drop it off at the main office.

            Information regarding School Governance Council is attached. (SGC Parent Brochure)
            PTO Officers roles:
            -Preside over all general meetings of PTO
            -Work with the Vice President to create PTO Committees
            -Must play a leadership role for the board
            -The President will monitor the progress of all committees and volunteers
            -Will oversee communication between the PTO and the school community
            -Will coordinate all fund-raising activities predetermined by the Board and
            -Communicate all information to the Board, Administration and Teachers

            Vice President:
            -Will perform Presidentís duties in the event of the Presidentís absence
            - Responsible for coordinating PTO volunteer efforts
            -Play a leadership role to volunteers
            -Schedule volunteers for PTO functions
            -Keep accurate record of all meetings of the PTO Board and general meetings
            - Prepare meeting minutes and submit them for the addition to the PTO website
            -Coordinate new membership information and maintain a record of all paid PTO members
            - Will express in writing gratitude for donations from community businesses
            -Will also provide the information to the website administrator to be placed on PTO website

            -Will receive all monies for the organization
            -Will make all deposits and withdrawals from bank account
            -Will maintain accurate records of all financial transactions of bank account
            Event Coordinator:
            -Coordinates various receptions
            -PTO Breakfast for staff
            -HMTCA Holiday events
            -Coordinate Thanksgiving School Wide Service Project
            -Any additional scheduled events throughout the school year
            -Coordinate Ice Cream Social