Lead Agency: COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc.

            Community Service Learning 8th
            Community Service Learning 7th
            Community Service Learning 6th
            Service Learning Log and Reflection Sheet

            Credited to: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 4H Program
            Revised 9/23/10 - CMS

            General Ideas
            1. Set up a Help-O-Meter to keep track of the number of hours youth volunteer
                in the community.
            2. Organize a recognition program for the volunteers who lead community        
            3. Work in a concession stand to raise money for a good cause.
            4. Make a gift for the secretary of a non-profit organization you are associated
            5. Take photos during an event and donate them to the event organizers.
            6. Volunteer to be a museum guide.
            7. Plan an Ethnic Awareness day.
            8. Design a campaign to promote tolerance and understanding of differences.
            9. Volunteer at a health fair.
            10. Volunteer as a counselor at local summer camp.
            11. Volunteer to do office work at a local non-profit agency.
            12. Set up a web page for a non-profit agency.
            13. Volunteer to lead a club of youth.
            14. Share a talent through teaching a class.
            15. Make birthday cards for the elderly.
            16. Run or walk in a charity race with friends.
            17. Stage a carnival to promote community spirit.
            18. Ask your mayor to sign a proclamation for an important community event.
            19. Ask your governor to sign a proclamation for a national event.
            20. Practice random acts of kindness.
            21. Stage a marathon to raise money for a cause.
            22. Organize an exchange between rural and urban individuals to promote
            23. Volunteer to help at charity auctions.
            24. Volunteer your talents at a charity auction.